Tax Preparation

Individual and Business Income Tax Preparation

At Allen & Bright, our CPAs offer accurate and thorough tax preparation services for various types of taxpayers and entities. From individuals to S-Corporations, LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts/Estates and Not-For-Profits. We assist you with year round tax planning, tax preparation and compliance for all federal, state and local taxes.  We monitor, review and notify you of all federal, state and local tax laws and requirements that may change over time. We also review any correspondence you may receive from a taxing authority and respond accordingly to notice so you don’t have to worry about it. We strive to be enthusiastic and proactive in serving all of our clients’ needs.

Additionally we can provide incorporation services to setup your business entity. We can advise you on the best entity type and file all necessary forms with the State and the IRS as well as be your registered agent.

Individual Tax Preparation

Every year all taxpayers deem tax return preparation a heavy and perplexed ordeal that most of them pay a professional to do it for them. Choosing who to do it also needs some time to think, are they good? Are they trustworthy? What is their track record? Will they be able to deliver the output in a timely manner without missing anything in your books? There is a variety of tax preparation professionals, their expertise, training and experience, even some states have specific regulations about tax preparers. Lately, the IRS started a system to track and test tax preparers, it is always every taxpayer’s responsibility to determine the best tax professional to deal their personal tax situations.

Below, we summed up a few pointers of what you need to know and help you decide whether you seek a tax professional or prepare your tax return documents yourself.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll need, whether you see a tax professional or prepare your own taxes.  

    • Personal Information

    • Information About Other People Who May Belong on Your Return

    • Education Payments

    • Employee Information

    • Self-Employment Information

    • Business Use of Vehicle Information

    • Rental Property Income

    • Retirement Income

    • Savings and Investments

    • Other Income

    • Affordable Care Act

    • Other Deductions and Credits

    • IRA Information

    • If you were affected by a federally declared disaster

Business Tax Preparation

For business owners we understand how time is important to you and instead of wasting your time going through every receipts and cash flow your business acquires for the whole year, it is always the wisest choice to hire an accountant to take care of the nitty gritty stuff for you. Sparing you the ordeal of tracing transactions and recording them appropriately, you will then have more time to manage your business and let it grow. With our accountants, we offer a variety of specialization in every industry, our accountants have decades of work experiences and provides guidance & financial advice that will boost your business’ potential income.

Below, we summed up a few pointers of what you need to know and help you decide whether you seek a tax professional or prepare your tax return documents yourself.

  • Income

  • Expenses

  • Advertising

  • Transportation and travel expenses

  • Fringe benefits

  • Business insurance

  • Interest expense

  • Legal fees

  • Office supplies

  • Rent expense

  • Office-in-home

  • Wages paid to employees

  • Other expenses

Payroll Services
Payroll Services